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Weddings are Once in a Lifetime Event, Make them Memorable with Your Photography

With Photographs and inputs from Karan Takulia. For more on wedding photography follow Karan Takulia on Picsdream

The Hindu Calendar categorizes the year in six seasons. But, according to us, we’re sure you’ll agree, India has seven seasons. The seventh and most important one being the Wedding Season. The Indian wedding season, unlike other seasons, is a biannual affair – post Diwali to Feb-March and a short spell in June-July. And, unlike rest of the world, Indians are very serious about weddings – the term Big Fat Indian Wedding, exists for a reason.

The importance of weddings cannot be stressed enough. They’re important not only for the couple but also for their family, relatives, and friends. These occasions are often remembered and talked about long after the celebrations are over, at times with the help of videos and photographs taken during the celebrations, especially photographs. For this reminiscence value that photographs provide, they are a treasure. This treasure becomes even more special and priceless if the day’s essence and emotions are captured in a beautiful and sophisticated way.

Here are some tips to help you get great wedding photographs and provide your client/friends/family with the most beautiful memories.

Technical Tips

  • Karan Takulia 11Keep the special effects for the editing table – Shoot in Raw. Sometimes the natural photograph turns out to be much more effective than one with special effects. If needed, you can always add them later.
  • About flash – Avoid using flash. But if you have to, then use flash at an angle from the object or person you’re taking a photograph of. It will give better results. Try using reflectors or soft flash function in your camera.
  • Adjust exposure – Weddings are a colourful occasion. Ensure that you adjust your Karan Takulia 01camera’s exposure settings in accordance to the most visible colour in the photograph. Especially if it’s a white – the wedding dress or decorations.
  • Lenses – Take a variety of lenses with you and change according to the lighting available in the room.
  • ISO – Adjust your camera’s ISO according with the lighting of the room, especially if you’re not using flash and lighting in the room is poor.
  • Equipment – Take a spare camera, batteries, and a few memory cards. If possible, take an experienced assistant with you. And, don’t forget the tripod. You’ll need it for the shots where you use slow flash or shutter speed.

Other Tips

Unlike in other photography genres, these other tips are very important for the success of a wedding photography assignment.

  • Karan Takulia 17Plan – Get a detailed list of the functions you are supposed to cover and the time and venue. Reach the venue before time and set up your equipment. Explore the venue to get an understanding of lighting and angles.
  • Build a Relationship – Meet the couple and their families before the festivities start, build a rapport with them and find out what they want. It helps take good photographs when the “subject” is comfortable with your presence.
  • Get Candid – Weddings are an emotional affair, which also gives a lot of opportunities to get candid shots. Of course, do so without being intrusive.
  • Group Photos – Get lots of them. Families and Friends posing with the Bride and the Groom. Karan Takulia 19
  • Photo Story – Get their story on film, shots of various functions leading to the main event. Take a couple of photographs of each function and build a photo story album for your client.
  • Have Fun – No one likes to get their photographs clicked by a grumpy photographer, so remember to have fun and enjoy the festivities.

And, the most important tip shared by Karan Takulia, a specialist in wedding photography.

Take control. Identify moments where you feel the need to step in or take things in a certain direction to get the shots you want. Also know when to be invisible to capture the truly candid moments without disturbing the couple or their guests.

We’re sure that with these tips and your photography knowledge, you’ll be ready to capture the most momentous day in your client’s life and be known as the Photographer that made the Day!


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