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Get a Sample 4"x3" Print at Rs. 150/-

Metal Prints

Our Metal Prints come with the image printed on solid sheets which gives the artwork a contemporary, modern, artistic and iridescent look. The colours look vibrant with breath-taking luminescence to create artworks which would be an eye-catcher on any wall. With extremely low maintenance required, these Metal Prints lasts for ever and ever.

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Super Thin

  • A creative and modern look for your artwork
  • Printed on brushed aluminum
  • Vibrant colours and luminescence to give an added dash of beauty
  • Very low maintenance and can be cleaned even with water
  • Super thin sheets for low weight
  • A variety of sizes
  • Ready to hang
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Hanging System

  • Stainless steel metal bolts on each corner
    supplied with the print.
  • Bolts supplied with prints.
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