Ashok Dilwali


Ashok Dilwali, aged 71 years is a Professional Photographer since 1971.

He has been immersed in photography since his childhood since his father late Mr B K Dilwali owned two premier photographic studios in New Delhi i.e., Kinsey Bros. (established 1905) and Simla Studios (established 1931).

After schooling from Modern School he graduated in Commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce and then went to join A F Ferguson &Co to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. He entered the profession in 1971 and modernized his studio specializing in Studio Portraiture, Outdoor Assignments, Colour Laboratory and allied fields of photography like printing and processing. He then developed his hobby of trekking in the Himalayas which has made him a household name for his expertise on landscapes of the Himalayas. He has produced 23 books so far and work is in progress on the 24th publication. In all these years he has contributed to several newspapers, magazines and journals, both articles as well as photographs. His forte remains landscapes.

He is a member of India International Centre, India Habitat Centre, Indian Mountaineering Foundation. He is a member of Royal Photographic Society of UK and is a Fellow of Royal Geographic Society. He has also been exhibiting his work at various avenues and has guided many young aspirants and initiated them in this field of landscape work. National Book Trust requested him to write a book for school and college students to acquaint them with basics of photography. The book has met with much acclaim and is titled "All About Photography".

He owns a large variety of camera equipment and is now using digital cameras of both Nikon and Canon brands. He has been involved in all the departments of photography but his first and foremost love is Himalayas. He has extensively trekked and travelled, presently he lives in New Delhi with his wife Manjula and has three children and five grandchildren. He now keeps himself busy with creative aspects of photography like Night Photography, Infra Red Photography and Time Lapse Photography. His first and foremost love is landscape photography. Today he is very active and is a guide to many who wish to learn the craft and art of his field and shoots for the pure pleasure of photography.



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