R C Mehta


Ram Chand Mehta was the youngest of three brothers who founded Mahatta’s, a photographic store on the bank of the river Jhelum in 1918, which very quickly came to be regarded as the premier studio in the valley of Kashmir. The studio was patronized by the elite – Englishmen, Royalty, Residents, Visitors. A portrait taken by Mahatta’s in Srinagar became a valued possession.

Ram Chand Mehta carried his own fine sensibility and discipline of the portrait photographer out of the confines of the studio into the exquisite expanse of Kashmir. Over three decades, he drove, rode, walked across the entire valley with his large field-cameras, capturing the many aspects of land and its people on film.

Ram Chand Mehta left the valley in 1987 to follow his spiritual path elsewhere. He passed away in 1994. His photographs lay buried in the attic of his studio on the banks of Jhelum. They have now been recovered and dusted.



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