Rithwik V J


I am an ardent nature lover and passionate nature photographer. I love to be in midst of nature to witness the dawn and the dusk. For me witnessing the passage of time and the fleeting moments in nature is as intriguing as capturing them on the camera. The more I get closer with nature more I reveal the finer intricacies within it. Nature inspires and unleashes the artist, philosopher and the photographer in me. I beleive my photographs are a testament to this philosophy. In the quest to be a better photographer and to showcase my talent my photogprahs happened to be accepted at the Royal photographic Society in UK, Epson International Pano awards, International photo Awards and most lately into the finals of the most coveted nature and wildlife photography competition - the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014. I use Nikon cameras and lenses to capture the images. My kit consists of 35mm Nikon cameras, lenses ranging from ultra wide angles to super telephotos, special purpose lens like tilt shift and macros. I use Gitzo tripods, camera remote release, light meter, polarisers and neutral density filters from LEE.



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